Katran Fishing Line
Katran Fishing Line

Unique patented Katran invention

Unique patented Katran invention
Comodo Chain-core
• Extra heavy core
• Very fast sinking.
• Flexible, hugs the bottom terrain in the best way
• Does not contain lead

Highly flexible and ultra heavy chaincore product, ideally hugs the bottom terrain. Does not contain lead. The core manufactured of latten brass with 0.9 mm diameter. The coating made of 16 TUALON microfibers. Extreme durability and abrasion resistant allows anglers to use this products in the most difficult conditions, on lakes, rivers with bottom, full of rocks and shells.
Barcode Name BS Length Colour Pcs in box
2500000208133 Comodo 80Lb 5 m camo brown black 10
2500000208126 Comodo 80Lb 5 m camo green black 10
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