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Synapse Wild Carp

This line is specially designed for wild and grass carps fishing on high distances. Low elongation 10-12% significantly increases the line responsiveness when it contact with fish. Fast sinking and snug well on a bottom. Dark green colour. Unique anti-abrasive coating improves the line life capability.

Сonsidered as one of the best line for UK conditions, where you have no need to cast far, instead of it, you should have highly abrasive resistant line.

0.467mm diameter was added in 2020 thanks to advises of our Slovenian and Austrian partners. That is the biggest main line diameter in Katran range
Bar code Name BS Diameter Length Colour Pcs in box
2500000208249 SYNAPSE Wild Carp 14,40 Lb 0,305 mm 1000m dark green 6
2500000208256 SYNAPSE Wild Carp 15,50 Lb 0,328 mm 1000m dark green 6
2500000208263 SYNAPSE Wild Carp 20,50 Lb 0,365 mm 800m dark green 6
2500000202902 SYNAPSE Wild Carp 35,00 Lb 0,467 mm 800m dark green 6