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Many anglers believe that fluorocarbon is a low-stretch line, and credit its sensitivity to this factor. But it actually stretches more than nylon mono. The difference is, it takes a greater force to get fluoro stretching in the first place which is why our shock leader The GALAXY is made using a premium monofilament.

Five pieces of line each 15 meters in length. Diameters 0,26 mm, 0,28mm and 0,30 mm and graduates up to 0,57 mm. It holds a huge dynamic load during long range casts. It`s clear and has a smooth surface. It resists twisting, so it is very good in preventing loop formation. It is manufactured from high quality nylon with abrasive resistance. It can be used in salt water as well as in fresh water.
Bar code Name Diameter Length Colour Pcs in box
2900000176706 Galaxy 0.26 - 0.57mm 5 pcs х 15 m clear 10
2900000176713 Galaxy 0.28 - 0.57mm 5 pcs х 15 m clear 10
2900000176720 Galaxy 0.30 - 0.57mm 5 pcs х 15 m clear 10
2500000208195 Galaxy 0.33 - 0.57mm 5 pcs х 15 m clear 10