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Crypton Symbios

The secret of the Crypton Symbios success lies in the ultimate combinations of its advantages over competitors. Symbios is the fishing line of the highest level level, the ratio of the breaking strength to the diameter - is the best among the Katran range. This line is symbiosis of advanced technologies, best properties and highest characteristics.

The innovative technology of light reflection, which masks the fishing line at the any bottom, is applied. The color of the CRYPTON Symbios line consists of alternating sections of 50 cm of NEON color and sections of 50 cm with a color that mimic to the color of the bottom. The line invisibility at the bottom will not be the case to be afraid for the fish and at the same time the Neon sections will assist the fishermen at the playing process. High knot strength, low stretching coefficient 13-14% and low memory are another valuable benefits of Crypton Symbios. The line is high abrasion resistant, smooth, elastic, easily passes through rings, designed for long distance fishing. The line is covered by polished surface, which protects it from dust and dirt, so it stays clean and smooth for a long time.

The line is ideally to use at night with Katran W/B 460 headlamp.

The fishing line is packed in iron cans, which perfectly protect it from ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage during transportation.
Bar code Name BS Diameter Length Colour Pcs in box
2500000214103 Crypton Symbios 7,79 Lb 0,215 mm 1500 m camo+neon 6
2500000214110 Crypton Symbios 9,54 Lb 0,234 mm 1250 m camo+neon 6
2500000214127 Crypton Symbios 11,69 Lb 0,261 mm 1250 m camo+neon 6
2500000214134 Crypton Symbios 12,78 Lb 0,286 mm 1000 m camo+neon 6
new 2500000189203 Crypton Symbios 15,5 Lb 0,309 mm 1000 m camo+neon 6
new 2500000189210 Crypton Symbios 17,5 Lb 0,331 mm 1000 m camo+neon 6