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The TERMIT is a fast sinking hook link which has been created for large trophy carps using Tualon/Kelvar and Dyneema fibres and it is this combination of materials that make the TERMIT a braid that will outperform it's peers with ease. Super strong and semi stiff to the touch this 8 strand braid is woven at 32 weaves per inch making this braid the most durable and reliable of kind. Extensive tests were undertaken during the production of the TERMIT and the results are outstanding regards performance and strength. Deep green in colour this braid is a must in the prevailing conditions.
Barcode Name BS Length Colour Pcs in box
2500000199110 Termit 25Lb 20 m deep dark   green 10
2500000199127 Termit 35Lb 20 m deep dark green 10
2500000199134 Termit 45Lb 20 m deep dark green 10