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Galaxy Cast

Many anglers believe that fluorocarbon is a low-stretch line, and credit its sensitivity to this factor. But it actually stretches more than nylon mono. The difference is, it takes a greater force to get fluoro stretching in the first place which is why our shock leader The GALAXY is made using a premium monofilament.

Tapered mono shock leader for long casts. Length 12 meters 5pcs per pack. 0.47 mm thick slice 6 meters long , transform into the taper 4 meters long and more delicate part - with a diameter of 0.26 mm , 0.28 mm and 0.30 mm length of 2 meters. Made of high quality copolymer with low memory. Elastic, sinking, well lays at the bottom. Permissible to use not only in a fresh water, but also sea salt water.
Bar code Name Diameter Length Colour Pcs in box
2500000198861 Galaxy Cast 0.26 - 0.47mm 5 pcs х 12 m clear 10
2500000198878 Galaxy Cast 0.28 - 0.47mm 5 pcs х 12 m clear 10
2500000198885 Galaxy Cast 0.30 - 0.47mm 5 pcs х 12 m clear 10