Katran Fishing Line
Katran Fishing Line

Mimicker lead core

The Mimicker lead core version was created to compliment out of Mimicker braid version. Do not contain any toxic materials, the core made of tin materials We are very well aware that Carp will grub around in search of food in the most densely vegetated areas and the employment of the Mimicker lead core leader and the Mimicker braid version will give you the ultimate in concealed rigs. Weary fish in nervy waters will shun a bait that is propped up an ordinary braid, but the Mimicker overcomes all these issues to give you the very best chance of hooking that specimen. Splice as you would any ordinary lead core.
Barcode Name BS Length Colour Pcs in box
2500000182785 Mimicker leadcore 45Lb 10 m Weedy Camo Green 6
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