Katran Fishing Line
Katran Fishing Line

Synapse Wild Carp Camo

Synapse Wild Carp Camo is Katran 2022 innovation line. The line is specially designed for wild fishing conditions, where strength, low stretch, and invisible are key factors to success.

Worth recommending for fishing with a boat. Low stretch (10-12%) allows use for high distance fishing, providing total control of fish moves.

Camo colour ideally mimics the line into the underwater environment. Ultimate abrasion resistance in combination with high breaking strength makes the line good enough to take it a niche in our assortment of premium lines.
Bar code Name BS Diameter Length Colour Pcs in box
4400022313526 Wild Carp   Camo 12,62 Lb 0.286 mm 1000 m dark camo 6
4400022313533 Wild Carp Camo 14,4 Lb 0.309 mm 1000 m dark camo 6
4400022313540 Wild Carp   Camo 16,8 Lb 0.331 mm 1000 m dark camo 6
4400022313557 Wild Carp Camo 20,5 Lb 0.371 mm 1000 m dark camo 6
4400022313564 Wild Carp   Camo 28,5 Lb 0.437 mm 1000 m dark camo 6