Katran Fishing Line
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Needle Micro "KATRAN"

barcode: 2500000189197
The Micro Boilie Needle is perfectly round and has no captive latch. Red colour will not let you to loose it in any grass. This will aid you when attempting to mount small baits onto the hair without splitting them.
Needle for leadcore
barcode: 2900000180628
Needle for a thin leadcore. Most of us have faced the problem with finding a thin needle to make a loop on a thin leadcore end. It can be a misery if you use the standard bait needle. This unique product has been specifically designed to take away those frustrations and allow you to complete the job quickly and easily. The plastic carp fin can be used to facilitate tightening the loop.
Needle Universal
barcode: 2900000180635
Universal needle, yellow (very makeable in any grass), in type, suits for lead core knitting. Suitable for packing baits and work with PVA products.
Multi Tool Katran 5 in 1
barcode: 2500000182860
Stripper for safety stripping of coat. Pin rule for easy measure out of hair length (9 sizes from 12mm to 28mm).
Metal ring helps to tighten safely a knot on a hook.
Cylindrical tip for making a loop on a hair, head or a lead core.
Special socket helps to tighten securely a swivel or quick-change swivel.
You need not now to have a lot of tools which so often lose. It is enough to have a «Multi-Tool Katran 5 in 1» only. A versatile gadget for any carp fisherman.
Made of high-quality plastic of prominent luminous colour.
Hair Rig Tyer
barcode: 2500000213595
Hair Hook Tyer - is highly convenient tool for tying hooks. It allows to hold small size hooks and adjust the desired hair length. With Katran Hair Hook Tyer all your rig hairs will always be the same length