Katran Fishing Line
Katran Fishing Line
Big Katran Recruitment 2023

We open our doors to new, experienced, progressive carp anglers, who share our values and wish to become a part of our big Family.

Katran International team consists of almost 100 greatest anglers from all over the World, from Portugal to Israel. We are united with our common values, passion, and experience of using Katran lines & leaders & accessories. The whole list of experts: https://katran.eu/experts

For whom: For experienced, proactive, motivated anglers, who are already using Katran products, who wish to develop yourself and contribute to Katran brand development, moving together toward one goal.

Stage of recruitment:

  • 10th September - 1st October - application forms, all candidates fill
  • 1st October - 10th October - Our team is evaluating your AFs.
  • 11th October - Results announcement of the first stage.
  • 12th October - Probation period starts for all candidates, who passed the 1st stage. After the successful end of this period (30-60 days) experts join Katran International team

Probation period (2nd stage of recruitment):

  • That's time to show yourself, how proactive you are.
  • We will supply experts with our lines, leaders, and other stuff to go fishing and show the results.
  • The duration is individual for each expert, based on the level of his/her activities.

Our main requirement for candidates on the 1st stage:

  • Sharing the values of catch & release
  • Be respectful, tolerant, and fair
  • Be active on waters
  • Be proactive as an angler, striving for excellence
  • Experience in using Katran products.

Do not limit yourself, as more specific, creative enthusiastic you'll be, filling this form, as many chances to pass the first stage you'll get.

Note: We do not accept candidates from russia or even candidates, who support russian aggression against Ukraine.

Application is closed! Thank you!
The results will be announced on 11 October.